Our Vision

Empowering students to join the Quantum Revolution.



  • Our goal is to teach the fundamentals of quantum computing and quantum software to undergraduates at Harvard and around the country with a classical computer science context.

  • We will host lectures, workshops, and seminars throughout the year to engage undergrads and introduce them to the opportunities of quantum software.


  • Our goal is to introduce students to quantum computing, and in that process, give them the resources and exposure to explore exciting research topics, focused on applying classical computer science solutions to problems in quantum computing.

  • Our members will have great potential to be pioneers in a new and promising field: quantum software.


  • Students will work closely with existing APIs and code bases such as PyQuil and QISkit, both based in Python.

  • Using these modules, through collaboration with IBM Q and Rigetti Computing, students will have access to state-of- the-art quantum computers.

  • We have partnerships with other top universities, faculty, and quantum computing companies each with many opportunities for our members.